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Safari Tyres, established in 1973, is one of the oldest independent tyre retail outlets in South Africa. Our core business is the manufacture, wholesale and retail of bead to bead remoulded tyres and normal top cap retreaded tyres.

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We are the ONLY bead to bead remoulder of tyres in south africa at present.

We manufacture wholesale and retail and full range of passenger bakkie and 4/4 remoulded and retreaded tyres.

We utilize state of the art retreading and remoulding equipment which we have sourced from all over the world in the last 15 years.

We also sell new tyres and are retailers of Car batteries from major suppliers.

Customers from all over south africa buy our tyres directly from us and we will courier the tyres either directly to them or nearest depot.

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephonically for any help that you might require.


Buying remoulded tyres or retreaded tyres means that you are helping the environment and also helping to create and keep jobs in a very tough segment of the market!!!!

Thank you for the support!!!!

Paul du Preez 0828002369
Owner, Safari Tyres

Now available!

2656517 Remoulded Tyres!

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This is the first time ever this size tyre has been remoulded in South Africa.
We have made a significant investment in the mould to do this tyre.
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Remoulded Tyres

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Retreaded Tyres

Best quality remoulded tyres ever manufactured in SA


265/70/16 Bronco MT

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The recycling pyramid

Passenger, commercial and 4x4 vehicle tyres. We are the only manufactures of bead to bead remoulded tyres in South Africa. Our mission is to provide our customers with a quality product at a fair and reasonable price.